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Company History

Life-long Del Norte County resident Tom Kraft started in the heating industry in 1985, as a partner in the local Crescent City business "Two-Guys." There, they hand-built wood stoves for local resale.

Tom decided to venture out on his own, so in 1992 he started Chimney Kraft, the county's only chimney cleaning service. He worked from his home and out of the canopy of his little Mazda pickup truck, primarily cleaning chimneys and servicing pellet stoves. Tom put in many long hours, in winters often starting work early mornings before light, arriving home at night well after dark. His customers needed his service and trusted him to take care of their winter-time needs.

As the years went by, Tom got busier and busier, expanding his own services to include installing Monitor kerosene heaters, pellet and wood stoves along with their appropriate piping & venting packages, furnaces/central heating systems, and all manner of heating related appliances.

To keep pace with demands, Tom added long-time friend Rick Bertolini as his new business partner in 1998. Rick was a very positive asset for the business, and together they watched their customer base grow and grow. When hired for installation, they also recognized that many of their clients were not always making the most well-informed choices when purchasing heating appliances. It began to seem that their clients would be further helped if they were to open their own retail heating store, while continuing to offer their existing cleaning and installation services.

In 1999, the doors to Chimney Kraft Warming Trends opened in downtown Crescent City. Together, Tom and Rick felt comfortable and confident helping local residents make the best choices for their home heating systems. It was their motto then as it still is now, "Heating Tailored To Your Needs". Tom's wife Patti, daughter Marci, along with one other employee took care of the store, while the duo took care of the field work.

Tom & Patti's son Robert had finished his eighth and final year of duty with the U.S. Marine Corps in 2003, and then became a working partner of Chimney Kraft. All three worked long, hard hours in the business, as heating can be a real necessity, not just in winter-time, but sometimes all year round here in Del Norte County.

Finally in 2005, Chimney Kraft brought on it's fourth and final partner, Rick's youngest brother Brian Bertolini. With each of their own unique talents, these four partners continue to keep Chimney Kraft well diversified in the home, hearth, and heating industry. All four partners were born and raised here on the Wild Rivers Coast of Del Norte County.

In June of 2006, Chimney Kraft incorporated and became "Buy The Fire, Inc.", doing business as Chimney Kraft.

Our motto remains "Heating Tailored to Your Needs."

Our mission is to help our customers make wise decisions when selecting the proper heating appliance or heating system for their home. We hope it is Chimney Kraft that our customers will come back to years down the road, when they want something new or simply different, and that we can again steer them in the right direction. We sincerely appreciate this trust that comes from our customers and we work hard to protect that trust.

We are amazed and proud that the dynamics of this business have gone from the back of a little pickup truck to the full operations of a retail store that includes sales, service, and installations. We hope that all through this growth our customers recognize our striving to serve them to the best of our abilities, and if we seem to be running fast and ragged during peak times and colder weather, we truly appreciate their patience at those moments.

We hope our sales, service, and installation departments bring to these counties what our counties need and deserves: A warm and happy home.