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  • Chimney Clean – Wood stove and fireplace chimneys should be swept and inspected annually.

  • Pellet Stove – A professional yearly clean is recomended. There are many moving parts that require maintenance and lubrication-Includes cleaning of flue.

  • Monitor & Laser Kerosene Heaters – Recommend yearly service for optimum efficiency and performance.

  • Furnace – Recommend yearly service and regular filter changes.

  • Heat Pump – Yearly inspection and service to maintain proper pressures and amperage. Includes inspection of indoor fan & coil, amps on motors, filters, freon pressure, outdoor coil & compressor, ducting.

Keeping your heating appliance tuned up and in good working order allows you to rely on it when you need it most. Chimney Kraft technicians are here to help keep your systems running at their best!

A great time for routine service work is during the off–season of spring and summer. Then when the weather turns wet and cold, your heater will already be performing at its finest and keeping your home warm all winter long.

Give us a call at 707-464-4279 to schedule your service appointment or schedule a free estimate for a new heating system.

Also, you can send us a completed Work Order Request Form via facsimile to 707-465-0130.